Dear Linda,

This letter is to thank you for the pictures you did for me.  They have had a positive and profound effect on my ‘social life’ . Also, I want you to feel free to share my story with others who might be interested in enhancing their “picture power”.

Several years ago when I embarked on singles internet dating, I was able to build a strong written profile based on my education, career, and life experiences.  But in the beginning I was reluctant to post a photo. I felt it was too invasive.  As a private person, with some degree of visibility in a small slice of the planet, I was concerned that it was too ‘out there’, too public, and I was just not comfortable posting pictures.

Over time, as the internet dating sites became more popular, more and more people were posting pictures, and not doing so was a disadvantage in the numbers game and a detriment to success.  I had some pictures of me that had been taken in the course of life’s events – family reunions, work situations, press photos.  They were not very good – either the quality of the photography, or the appearance of the subject, but they were good enough  --  and the price was right :  they were free !

About 15 years ago I had black and whites taken for professional reasons , and I know from that experience that I am not particularly photogenic.  That photographer took 48 proofs, and less than a half dozen were ok by my standards.  This experience increased my reluctance to having pictures taken. Then along came Linda. I finally decided that if  I were going to spend 30-40 $ per month for subscriptions to be active on these internet sites – and 90% of people were now doing pictures, maybe it was time to do it right.  If, averaged over a year, I spent another $12 a month to present myself as best I can be, maybe that would improve the quality of the results.  So I did it.

The first thing that was good was that it was fun.  She made it a comfortable and pleasant experience.  The second – and maybe the most amazing thing to me -- was the number of pictures that came out good.  The problem was not going to be finding a few that worked – the problem was to sort through the many that were good to select the best ones to post. While my past experience was maybe that 10 % worked, I was now looking at 50% that I thought were good. Between Linda, my daughter, and myself there were at least a dozen that we really liked. And finally, the best thing was that the pictures look like me (for better or worse), so there are no surprises (or disappointments) when we meet in person.

After I posted 4 pictures on one of the dating sites, an interesting thing happened : two really attractive and accomplished women who I had written to in the past 3 years – who never replied to me  --  initiated contact and sent me an email.  I was really surprised to hear from them.  And now, one of them has become a relationship. That alone is worth the investment.  In fact, one of the first things she said to me when we met in person, was “ You look just like your pictures.” 

Lesson learned:  if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.  And if you are going to invest some time and money in the internet dating process, why not – for a few dollars more – do it right.  John R.


I needed a professional headshot for a conservative corporate environment and I just couldn't stand the idea of having one of those stiff, posed photos you see on executive bios.   Linda did my hair and makeup and then a photo shoot - from which I literally had dozens of choices for excellent photos... different moods, but all professional, all attractive, but warm and compelling instead of stiff and corporate.   Everyone I work with wanted to know how I got such great photos.

A friend has just reentered the dating scene and needed headshots both for dating websites and for her professional needs  (College professor and scholar).... needless to say, her photos are amazing too... just a bit more playful as appropriate for academics and dating (vs a conservative corp) but still so professional and appealing.
Linda  S.

As an Image Consultant

It's too bad you can only choose three attributes in the recommendations. Some people are gifted in several, if not many, disciplines. Linda Mariano is one of those renaissance people. Linda has what an artist might call a "good eye." I have to be around many high profile people, so looking as good as I can is part of my job. Linda has been an invaluable asset in that regard. But she's not only the best stylist I've ever had, her "good eye" is something she uses in professional photography. Her pics of me have been used in my national publicity and to promote an upcoming appearance. In a very real way.     Jeff Davis, Jeff Davis Productions

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Marshal McCluhan changed the way the world thinks about communications when he quipped that “The medium is the message.” Since then, those who have embraced the myriad of disciplines that explore methods of efficient avenues for communication, media and presentation have been the winners in the effort to rise above the noise.

Linda Mariano, media specialist and stylist, understands that in order for you, your business or creative effort to win it’s important to establish a constant that there is “you” and then there’s “everybody else.” Some call it “top of mind.” Linda Mariano is a consultant for personal image, content creation, external media as well as all means of showing the world who you are. Those who have worked with her have referred to her as a “Jaqueline Of All Trades.”

Whether it’s one-on-one consultation or long-term corporate relationships, Linda Mariano’s services are complete and have a broad reach. Professional photography, web design as well as helping you establish your best personal image are at the forefront of the services she offers.

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"Linda Mariano made having my head shots taken a great experience. Not only did I end up with great shots, but the session was relaxed and fun!" Constance Mellors