I tend to say that art chose me. In turn, I choose art to enrich the lives of others.

Every day I strive to empower people by helping them look and feel their best as their hair stylist and hair colorist. 

My knowledge and experience in beauty, art, health, technology and new media makes me the perfect “go to” girl when it comes to your complete image redesign.

I have been taking pictures since childhood. Creating great Images is a passion of mine.

I love drawing out camera-shy individuals and giving them an enjoyable experience. 

Your kids and pets are some of my favorite subjects. I am great with food too!

In my salon or behind my camera lens, I discover and bring out the redeeming features of every individual. I am kind to my subjects. 

I have been shooting since I was twelve. In the 1990s, I helped revive hand-tinted black and white photography.

My ability to work with people helps me to bring out the best in my subjects. 

I have an eye for lighting and composition and a desire to never stop learning.

Other artistic endeavors include henna and temporary body-art tattoos.
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